Power RX Pharmacy Services

Innovative supply chain solutions with Power RX Health Partners

At Power RX Health Partners, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to supply chain solutions. Whether you’re a community hospital, academic medical center or national health system, we have solutions to meet your needs. Together, we’ll use our deep well of supply chain expertise, innovative mindset and supplier partner philosophy to help build a secure, optimal and sustainable future for your organization.

Why choose Power RX?

Building, managing, and maintaining effective pharmacy operations across multiple locations and entity types can pose significant challenges. To succeed, you require standardized processes, efficient procurement and distribution, and access to cost-effective pricing.
Power Rx bring specialized expertise to the table, leveraging a robust formulary structure, standardized purchasing processes, and our expanding scale to optimize your operations. With a focus on cost-effective procurement and achieving optimal clinical outcomes, we strive to create resilient pharmacy services tailored specifically to organizations like yours. Rely on our expertise to help you establish a firm foundation for your pharmacy operations.

What we offer

Power Rx + Solutions

Our Power Rx + Solutions offer innovative techniques for your health care organization to meet its supply chain needs. You get a team of health care operators and clinicians with expertise to guide you through decision making processes.

Bookkeeping Services

Navigating the intricacies of financial management can be overwhelming.

Business Consulting

Expert guidance and support for strategic management and operational excellence.

Business Solutions

Personalized consulting services to navigate the complexities of pharmacy ownership.

Clinical Services

Specialized clinical expertise to improve patient outcomes and optimize medication therapy.


E-commerce offers pharmacies the opportunity to broaden their horizons by selling pharmaceutical products and supplies online.

Lab Services

Comprehensive solutions to optimize pharmacy operations and enhance patient care.

Legal Assistance

Power RX offers a wide range of legal services, featuring counseling and representation by highly skilled legal experts.

Prior Authorization

Obtaining a Prior Authorization (PA) is essential for patients seeking coverage for their prescribed medications or durable medical equipment through their health plans.

Property & Casualty Insurance

Ensure the security of your pharmacy's assets with our comprehensive property and casualty insurance options.

Real Estate Services

A prime location is crucial for establishing a successful physical pharmacy store.

Staffing Assistance

At Power RX, our members never need to worry about staff shortages.

Merchandising Services

Pharmacy Merchandising Services encompass a blend of techniques that focus on product placement and advertising .

Group Purchasing Organization

In addition to our core GPO solution, you’ll benefit from cost reduction, improved efficiencies, top quartile pricing and an ever-growing a compatible portfolio.

We do not seek out a wide array of products and suppliers to satisfy a broad market base with unsatisfactory pricing. Instead, we seek a narrower base with best-in-class pricing and unique contract language to solidify sustained value much beyond the point of inception. We believe that a sustainable contracting solution must be based on clinically proven standards, then matched strategically with optimal suppliers.

Community alignment

We place clinical leaders in the hospitals we serve. We build relationships with hospital clinicians and apply actionable data to help you improve clinical quality. Our teams manage new product introductions and streamline supply use with a focus on quality and cost.

Leveraged portfolio

Benefit from our defined contract portfolios, best-in-class pricing, strategic standardization and commitment. Our sourcing strategy targets top decile pricing supported by perpetual, contractual benchmark commitments.

Accountability & analytics

Gain access to our digital tools that provide analytics to improve visibility and effective decision-making.

Vendor fees

In our world, vendor fees come second. We do not measure our success on administrative fees alone, but instead align our customer’s goals and choose to focus on measurable value.

Modular by design

You can choose what works for your organization with our modular offerings. In other words, we want our value proposition to speak for itself. We are not asking for an “umbrella membership” that dictates alignment across a wide array of products and categories.

Our modular design allows you to choose individual Advantus Plus+ services and select GPO contracts to drive true value. We believe this approach creates alignment based on measurable results, not just a misrepresented compliance report.