Power RX Clinical Services

Enhance Patient Outcomes, Minimize Waste, and Boost Financial Performance

The global supply chain challenges have brought to light the pressing need for advanced capabilities in U.S. clinical services. Without the right tools, collaborative platforms, and access to vital information, organizations risk encountering avoidable waste and may struggle to meet the evolving needs of their patients.

Customized Solution to Meet Your Unique Need

Our program is specifically tailored to address your organization's individual requirements. Using advanced analytics, we identify key areas for technology and process improvement, empowering you to unlock new levels of success. Experience a solution designed with your organization in mind.

Power RX

Establish a Solid Foundation with Expertise

Building, managing, and maintaining effective pharmacy operations across multiple locations and entity types can pose significant challenges. To succeed, you require standardized processes, efficient procurement and distribution, and access to cost-effective pricing.
Power Rx bring specialized expertise to the table, leveraging a robust formulary structure, standardized purchasing processes, and our expanding scale to optimize your operations. With a focus on cost-effective procurement and achieving optimal clinical outcomes, we strive to create resilient Clinical Services tailored specifically to organizations like yours. Rely on our expertise to help you establish a firm foundation for your Clinical Services.

Adding Value at Every Step

How it works?

Assess your operational flow to gain valuable insights.
Tailor solutions that align with your specific goals.
We integrate recommended financial strategies for optimal results.
We provide ongoing support to ensure sustained financial optimization.

Power RX

Why Choose Power Rx?

Optimize Cost and Payment

Unlock cost-saving opportunities and streamlined payment processes with Power Rx. Our comprehensive solutions include enterprise contracting, price parity, in-depth price analysis, enhanced visibility into on-contract vs. off-contract purchasing, purchasing compliance, and advanced payment models.

Optimize Inventory Management

Efficient and responsive inventory management is crucial to your success. Power Rx employs Lean principles to help you minimize waste and achieve optimal inventory turns. Our expertise allows you to direct buyers towards on-contract purchases, select the most suitable NDCs, and secure optimal pricing.

Optimize Purchasing and Distribution

Streamline your buying processes and standardize supplier channels with Power Rx. Our strategic approach helps you save time and reduce costs through wholesaler optimization, forward or bulk purchase opportunities, and leveraging a perpetual inventory system for maximum ROI.

Optimize Reporting

Mitigate drug shortages and optimize purchasing with real-time inventory reporting provided by Power Rx. Our customized reports offer valuable insights into current inventory levels, average daily usage, actual vs. optimum comparisons, and high-value inventory optimization.

Are you ready to optimise your Clinical operations?