Power RX Lab Services

Elevate Your Patient Care with Comprehensive Lab Services

Enhance your pharmacy’s patient care practices through Power Rx’s expertise in Lab Services. We specialize in optimizing the provision of essential services like health screenings and medication therapy management. Additionally, our organization offers cost-effective solutions to ensure pharmacies have access to the necessary supplies and equipment for their lab operations. Trust Power Rx to elevate your Lab Services and deliver exceptional patient care.

Adding Value at Every Step

How our Lab transformation model works

We help you form a committee and work closely with you to: 

Identify opportunities for improvement
Value chain analysis for best solutions
Contracting processes
Implementation of contracted solutions
Measurement of results

Key facilities to support your success

Health Screenings

Our Lab Services include a range of health screenings to identify potential health risks, enabling early intervention and preventive measures.

Medication Therapy Management

Power Rx offers medication therapy management services to ensure optimal medication use and patient safety. Our experienced clinical team works closely with patients to assess medication regimens, provide education, and identify potential drug interactions.

Supply and Equipment Solutions

Power Rx facilitates the procurement of necessary supplies and equipment for clinical services, providing pharmacies with cost-effective solutions. Enhance your ability to deliver high-quality care by accessing reliable supplies through our network.

Are you ready to learn more about Lab Services and how Power rX can help your organization?