Power RX Netywork Solution

Enhancing Pharmacy Claims Reimbursement for Optimal Performance

At Power Rx, we understand the complexities and challenges involved in managing third-party prescription claims for community pharmacies. Our Reimbursement Performance services are designed to improve the financial, clinical, and operational performance of your pharmacy. Discover how our solutions can help you reduce profit loss, drive better patient outcomes, and strengthen relationships with your patients.

Reimbursement Performance

Effective management of pharmacy claims is essential to thrive in a competitive industry. Power Rx Reimbursement goes beyond being just a pharmacy switch vendor. It offers comprehensive support to reduce the risk of profit loss, contribute to better patient outcomes, and enhance your pharmacy's overall performance.

Our Services

Explore how our solution can transform your pharmacy operations.

Power Rx provides a range of services to address key areas of pharmacy claims management:

Pre and Post Claims Edits

Access an extensive library of high-value pre and post claims edits. Leverage actionable messaging at the point of dispensing to address critical business issues, including unnecessary Maximum Allowable Cost (MAC) losses, potential Direct and Indirect Remuneration (DIR) clawbacks, and declining third-party claims reimbursements.

Patient Engagement and Medication Safety

Improve patient outcomes and ensure medication safety through RelayRxâ„¢ Reimbursement Performance services, including prescription co-pay savings programs, medication dispensing safety messages, manufacturer medication safety messages, and REMS programs to ensure your pharmacy is cleared to dispense select medications.

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