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Pharmacy Audit & Risk Mitigation for Independent Community Pharmacies

At Power Rx, we understand the challenges independent community pharmacies face when it comes to third-party audits. Each audit can be costly in terms of financial resources and time. Our Pharmacy Audit & Risk Mitigation solutions offer a comprehensive approach to reduce audit-triggering claims transactions, mitigate risks, and protect your pharmacy’s profitability.

Audit and Risk Evaluation

Third-party audits pose significant financial and operational risks to community pharmacies. Power Rx solution is designed to help you minimise audit risks and safeguard your pharmacy's financial stability. By integrating within the pharmacy workflow, our solution offers in-workflow solutions, seamless interaction with all pharmacy systems, and targeted messaging to address potential audit triggers.

Our Services

Our Pharmacy Audit & Risk Mitigation Services

Our Pharmacy Audit & Risk Mitigation Services cover a wide range of areas to support your success:

Audit Risk Reduction

Mitigate audit risks by addressing "Plan Limits Exceeded," a common audit trigger for community pharmacies. Reduce the risk of Office of Inspector General (OIG) audits associated with dispensing prescriptions written by an excluded prescriber, which can result in hefty fines and financial penalties.

Controlled Substance Prescriber Validation

Validate prescribers' writing authority for controlled substances to ensure compliance with regulations and mitigate risks.

In-Workflow Solutions

Immediate action at the point of dispense for independent pharmacies, allowing for efficient correction or validation of potential audit triggers before the pharmacy claim is paid.

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